Recover abandoned carts and boost sales with Facebook Messenger.

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How It Works

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    One Click Opt-In

    When a customer adds items to their shopping cart they have the option opt-in to receiving Facebook messages from your store. Cart Courier allows you to provide a small discount as an incentive to opt-in.

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    Cart Recovery via Messenger

    Cart Courier automatically detects if a customer abandons their shopping cart. If they do, Cart Courier sends them up to 3 cart recovery messages through Facebook to recover their cart.

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    Recovered Sale

    When a customer clicks on the link in the cart recovery message they're automatically taken to your checkout page to seamlessly complete their purchase. Cart Courier tracks the entire process so you can easily view which abandoned carts are recovered.


Opt-In Discount Widget

Cart Courier gives you the option to provide a discount to entice customers to opt-in to receive messages through Facebook. Not only that but Cart Courier will also automatically apply the discounts for customers at checkout.

In Depth Analytics

Cart Courier's live abandoned cart feed shows you every abandoned cart with the exact cart contents. Track how many recover messages have been sent and the recovery status so you always know exactly what’s going on. Cart Courier also tracks abandon carts that never make it to the checkout page. So you’re able to view far more abandoned cart data than before.

Fully Customizable Messages

Cart Courier gives you the control you need over your recovery messages. Customize the exact timing and text of each message. Provide optional discounts to entice customers to complete their purchase and Cart Courier will automatically apply the discounts for your customers at checkout.


Our pricing is simple and customer friendly. You only pay 5% of the total sales that Cart Courier recovers for you that month. If Cart Courier doesn't recover any sales for you then you don't pay anything.

checkOnly Pay For Extra Sales

Wnly pay for the extra sales that Cart Courier recovers for you and nothing more. You don't pay anything for your normal sales that Cart Courier doesn't help recover for you.

checkAffordable & Risk Free

With Cart Courier you don't pay a monthly subscription fee just to use the app. Instead you only pay if Cart Courier makes you money. So you always have a positive return on investment and never lose money.

checkAccess Every Feature

With Cart Courier every feature is available to you without getting charged extra. There's no need to pay more just to use certain features you need.

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Pricing FAQ's

How do I know which sales were recovered by Cart Courier?

Whenever a customer clicks on the Cart Courier bar, a Shopify order tag is automatically added to that order in Shopify's checkout system. Cart Courier then tracks the orders that have been tagged by the app and only charges you for those orders. You can view all orders that Cart Courier recovers for you directly in the app.

Can I view each order that Cart Courier recovers for me?

Yes, each order that Cart Courier recovers for you is automatically tagged with a Shopify order tag. You can view the order tags directly in your Shopify account to see exactly which orders were recovered by Cart Courier for full transparency and trust. You can also view the orders that Cart Courier recovers for you directly in the app.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! You can simply uninstall the app at anytime and Cart Courier will only charge you for the extra sales it has generated up to the point of cancellation.

How often am I charged?

You're automatically charged each 30 days. Charges are automatically added to your Shopify invoice each month. The amount of each monthly charge is based on how many sales Cart Courier recovered for you in the previous 30 days.


Cart Courier is currently available for Shopify websites. More platforms coming soon.